“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

2017-12-19 13.56.33

Not my driveway.

This morning, oh Monday morning, in January, no less. I went outside after breakfast was complete to begin loading the car, and discovered that the lower half of my driveway somewhat resembled an ice rink.

In my quest to love (or not hate) winter and enjoy it with my children, I’m rediscovering a fondness for ice skating. But I like to do it with skates on, preferably on a rink or well groomed pond. My driveway at 7am, on a Monday, in work clothing, not so much.

“Crap,” I said to myself, because I needed to salt the driveway, which I hadn’t factored into my morning schedule. And I came inside to tell the girls to please move toward brushing hair and teeth. I say girls, but really I mean the small one, who needs constant prodding these days to get out the door. “I’ll be outside, salting the driveway so we don’t slip on all the ice,” I stated, only a little grumpily, considering.

“Ice!”  The small one piped up. And proceeded to brush her teeth and hair and pull on boots and coat at record speed. Because, well, ice! Ice isn’t a slightly scary bother to be dealt with when you’re six years old. Ice is cool, cold actually, and fun. It’s slippery and slidy and you only need boots to have fun on it.

Which she did for a few minutes before we got into car.  And due to her get-ready-fast-to-play-in- the-ice mode, we actually arrived at school a few minutes early, on a Monday morning.

So is it ice, (blah)?  Or Ice!? It really is all in your perspective.

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