2017-05-17 18.15.06

I am Diana. Busy full time solo mom, lover of simple things, of good food, good company, quiet moments, fresh air, movement, my children above all.

I am 45+ (which translates to closer to 46), and starting over, or maybe, more accurately, starting from here after the heartbreaking & untimely loss of my mother, followed by the failure of my marriage. I’m starting again at a time in life that seems particularly awkward to be in such a transitional phase. I’m knee deep in parenthood, with very little free time, and much less stamina than I had 10 or 20 years ago. And, truthfully, this is a time when I feel I should be much more settled into something or some path than I am right now.

But here I am, and I realize I am not unique in this, it’s just not as I planned or dreamed. I expect to write about many things, but my focus right now is on living well now, in the moments I have, imperfect though they may be. This is my journey.