New Life Phase, New Blog

I have blogged before. I started a blog nearly 10 years ago, as a way to chronicle the days of our family, largely with the intention of sharing our happenings with friends and family scattered throughout the country, but mostly far enough that they weren’t in touch with our daily lives.

This evolved over time, depending on my current whim, I sometimes shared recipes and gardening items, sometimes craft projects I or we were working on, often about my thoughts concerning whatever I was living at the time, and still details about our family life, homeschooling at the time, and our adventures in general.

I have archived my original blog and made it private. I continue to mature, along with the blogging world, and now it feels more appropriate to me to keep the specific details of my life more private, especially those involving my family members. Their stories are their own, and not mine to share. This is a writing challenge for me, because of course my life is interwoven with the lives of those I share time with.

So I will say that, for now, my thought is to write about what’s in my own mind and heart, and keep the other details more appropriately vague. We’ll see how I do with this.

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