Sunset on Roe V. Wade

As the sun sets on on Sunday, June 26th, two days after the fall of Roe V. Wade, I’m trying, only partly successfully, to gather my thoughts into something coherent.

I think the first thing to do is allow a little more time to process any emotions around the enormity of this. This is huge, stunning, appalling. Take time to be with that, reach out to supportive friends, treat yourself kindly as you would after any emotional shock. Rest, drink a lot of water, exercise lightly, or heavily if that is your thing for stress management.

I don’t feel particularly emotional or shocked. We knew this was coming. And for me, shock and despair came back on November 9th, 2016. I can still feel viscerally the sickness and dread of waking up that morning and seeing the election results. And I knew in my gut and my soul, though I couldn’t have articulated it at the time, that we were at the beginning of end of even the pretense that decency is a national value. So I have been processing this for years.

Right now what I feel is some anger, and most I feel fucking steely with resolve. Maybe one of the gifts of trauma I’ve experienced is that I learned that I had to acknowledge what was really happening and get really clear on what an effective response would be if I wanted any hope of getting out of it.

We need to rest and then we need to get busy. We need to educate ourselves as to how far reaching this could be and not let that happen.

A Supreme Court has never in the past removed a constitutionally granted right. Let that sink in. That’s huge. If we allow the precedent of federal protection of rights to dissolve imagine what might be next. We don’t have to imagine. Clarence Thomas is already telling us. If we allow states to decide on abortion, do they also get to decide about same sex marriage?access to birth control? Segregation? How far backward can we slide? I’m not sure there’s a limit.

Over the next weeks we need to determine what effective action we can take. I’m still parsing that out.

In the now, if we have resources, we can support boots on the ground organizations that are supporting women who have lost access to abortion.

What I want from men is for you to care about this as much as we do-and show this by taking action. We can do it without you, we have before and frankly, we’re used to it (no offense to those who are already in it, of course). Because we’re going to keep going but we’re tired. And we can’t rest while we’re shouldering it alone.

If you’re anybody who cares , I want you not to see despair or complacency as options. I want you to take a few more days to lose it if you need to and then I want you to get busy.

But until then, rest a bit and ready yourself.

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